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All eyes on Utah: Healthcare innovation is Utah’s next great economy

Photo of Altitude Lab

Since the pandemic, more Utahns understand both the importance and shortcomings of our health care system than ever before. Utahns watched in real-time the power of innovation and technology to address disease and system deficiencies. MRNA vaccines, which were never deployed for such broad use before, paved the way to global recovery. Telemedicine adoption skyrocketed as hospitals and clinics saw as many as 175 times the number of patients virtually. It was in this pressurized environment that we launched Altitude Lab, a startup incubator focused on developing a new, diverse generation of health care startups in Utah.

Companies working in health care innovation are developing new medicines, diagnostics, services, and delivery methods to improve patients’ access and quality of medical care. In Utah, this industry accounts for $13B in GDP. At Altitude Lab, our startups are deploying novel technology to do everything from understanding and treating cancer effectively to eliminating post-surgery dependency on opioids. The pandemic produced tailwinds for our industry as a whole and revealed Utah’s potential as a leader in this rapidly evolving sector.

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