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University of Utah PIVOT Center releases annual report highlighting U communities’ work to impact, innovate and inspire

What have we been up to at the PIVOT Center?

The new year has us reflecting on experiences of the past year and looking ahead to continued positive societal impact in 2023. In 2022, we focused on how PIVOT Center can impact, innovate and inspire as we work to achieve our vision to be a global leader in innovation management that creates value for the University of Utah, its stakeholders and society.

What does that include? In our newly released 2022 Annual Report, we highlight some of our key initiatives and the incredible milestones of the startups we support. The year was defined by ongoing adjustment as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to change the way we work, but it also showed us how we as innovators need to innovate.

From stories of life-changing discoveries to new programs formed out of exciting partnerships, the annual report is a shining example of what it means to be a catalyst of innovation.

Click on the image below or read this year's and previous reports at this link:



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