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Interested in higher education and economic development? Join us at UEDA 2023 Summit in SLC

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Universities across the country play vital roles in the economic development of their surrounding communities, which is why the University of Utah is excited to host the upcoming University Economic Development Association (UEDA) Summit Oct. 8-10.

UEDA helps higher education institutions, businesses and other economic development organizations navigate the cross sections between their sectors to better serve their communities and facilitate economic growth. The summit brings together experts from all those fields to discuss and discover new methods to drive positive change.

In Utah alone, U researchers are working to solve questions regarding climate change, cancer, mental health, outer space and more. Their research frequently results in startups and products that not only directly impact the state’s economy but bring tangible solutions to people throughout the world.

By hosting the UEDA Summit, the University of Utah is excited to showcase what our state has to offer and hear from other experts engaged in similar work. The summit will feature presentations centered on this year’s theme: Innovating for a Sustainable Future.

The Summit will be held at the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek located at 75 S W Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT.

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