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OSP encourages early submission of federal grant applications in case of government shutdown

Federal funding alert

This story was originally published by the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Funding appropriations for most federal agencies are set to expire midnight Sept. 30, 2023. If Congress does not pass new spending legislation before that, effective Oct. 1 a “shutdown” will occur, with agencies suspending most operations. In that case, federal agencies are likely to delay or suspend grant application deadlines and application review processes.

Accordingly, the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) is encouraging all faculty working toward grant application deadlines in early October to plan for early submission ahead of a potential shutdown. Please submit final and complete applications to OSP by Sept. 28 at 5 p.m. so that OSP can help you facilitate early submission to agencies. The impacted deadlines include:

NIH Grant Application Deadlines:

  • Oct. 5 – new R01 & U01
  • Oct. 12 – new K Series
  • Oct. 16 – new R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36, U34, UH2, UH3, UH2/UH3

NSF Grant Application Deadlines:

  • NSF has a variety of rolling program application deadlines from Oct. 1 and on. Please see NSF's website for a comprehensive list.

For more details, visit the Office of Sponsored Projects’ website. For questions or feedback, please contact:

Brent Brown: 801-581-3003 and

Todd Bjorklund: 801-585-6946 and

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