About TVC

Technology & Venture Commercialization (TVC) is a University of Utah organization that operates under the University of Utah Research Foundation (UURF). TVC is a service organization that works with inventors to facilitate outreach and commercialize their research. The office acts as a bridge to coordinate efforts between industry, venture capitalists, and other funding sources to commercialize the University of Utah inventions. TVC has been a part of the University of Utah since 1967 and has established a leading reputation in areas such as the formation of new companies, filing of patent applications, research sponsorship, and gross license income. TVC is composed of specialists in licensing, business development and legal matters, all of whom are widely experienced in commercializing technologies across a broad array of fields including the physical sciences, life sciences and information technology. We are responsible for managing all of the intellectual assets for the University of Utah, its medical centers and hospitals, Huntsman Cancer institute and ARUP.

Our Office

Technology & Venture Commercialization (TVC) manages all intellectual property for the University of Utah and hosts a variety of faculty and student programs.

Address: 615 Arapeen Drive, Suite 310, Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Phone: 801-581-7792

Fax: 801-581-7538