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Discover opportunities at the U’s accelerators & incubator

Essential building blocks for U’s catalyst role in Utah’s innovation ecosystem

We’ve curated a range of resources to support innovation and entrepreneurship at the U. From life science incubator space to industry-specific accelerators, we strive to support innovative ideas along their lifecycle from the bench to the broader world. If you’re looking to develop an idea or want to connect with the opportunities being created throughout this ecosystem, look no further.

Altitude Lab incubator is the region’s largest life science incubator, created by a P3 (public private partnership) between U spinout company Recursion and the U’s PIVOT Center. The incubator fills the critical role of finding, supporting, incubating and accelerating early-stage life science and health care companies in Utah.

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Summit Venture Studio is a novel software development accelerator and investment fund, which the U established to overcome commercialization challenges in accelerating time to market for university-originated software.

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The University of Utah Therapeutics Accelerator Hub (U2TAH)

The University of Utah Therapeutics Accelerator Hub (U2TAH) partnership between the university’s Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), College of Pharmacy, and PIVOT Center enables innovative therapies emerging from discoveries made at the University of Utah to reach patients with unmet medical needs in a more efficient and timely manner.

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The Orthopaedic Innovation Center accelerator ensures that faculty, fellows, residents, students and external collaborators have access to innovation and commercialization resources to move early orthopaedic related medical device concepts, ideas and discoveries through the product development and commercialization process.

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Regardless of what you are looking for, or what stage you are in your innovation journey, PIVOT Center is your go-to source to connect you with the U’s innovation ecosystem.

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