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University of Utah Therapeutics Accelerator Hub (U2TAH)

What is the accelerator?
The University of Utah Therapeutics Accelerator Hub (U2TAH) was created to enable innovative therapies emerging from discoveries made at the University of Utah to reach patients with unmet medical needs in a more efficient and timely manner.

What are the benefits of the accelerator?

  • Achieve our institutional goal of improving health through novel science
  • Enhance faculty recruiting and retention
  • Enhance university visibility and reputation
  • Attract industry partners and funding
  • Create a culture of innovation and know-how in therapeutics
  • See the potential to provide substantial, ongoing revenue for the university

How will they do it?
The Accelerator will identify internal therapeutic candidates with great potential in an effort to:

  • Bring world-class, industry-informed expertise in charting development path for each
  • Invest resources to advance therapeutics to clinic-ready (IND) stage through internal and
    external labs
  • Identify optimal partnering or licensing opportunities for the advanced assets

Areas of focus

  • Projects that target Oncology, Neurology, Immunology and Rare Diseases.
  • Therapeutic strategies including small molecules, biologics, novel delivery approaches, gene
    therapy, and cell therapeutics.
  • Any stage of development with a valid target and a translational and commercialization
  • Small molecule therapeutic projects with optimized leads or screening hits that can form the
    basis for a lead optimization program.
  • For biologics, gene therapy and cell therapeutics, laboratory validation that can move into
    process development.

Who is going to do this?
The accomplished and qualified team includes Dave Bearss, Senior Managing Director; Mike McCullar, Managing Director; Alex Stark, Senior Research Manager; Chadwick Davis, Senior Research Manager; and Lorinda Griffiths, Administrative Manager.

Contact us at 801-581-7792 or email the team at if you have an idea you’d like to discuss.

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