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Ascender Grant Program

The Ascender Grant program is one of the ways PIVOT Center advances technologies for the University of Utah. This program helps inventors bridge the funding gap between research and commercialization by providing support for technology development, proof of concept, and to prepare the innovation for additional investment by entrepreneurs, investors, and potential licensees

PIVOT Center will invite Ascender Grant prospects to apply for funding that may, for example, help to develop a working prototype, conduct market research, or validate scalability of the technology.

Technologies must meet the following eligibility criteria to be considered:

1. The technology has been formally disclosed to PIVOT Center
2. The technology is not licensed or optioned
3. The Principle Investigator is a University of Utah employee
4. If the technology is jointly owned, an agreement (IIA) exists designating the University of Utah as the lead commercialization institution


Ascender Grants are awarded based on the recommendation of an external advisory committee. This program will make resources available for innovations that show strong commercial potential. If you believe your technology is eligible, and a good candidate for this program, please speak with PIVOT’s Innovation Management team to learn more.

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