Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas

TVC offers prospective licensees and founding teams assistance with business model evaluation through its Lean Canvas program. Teams consisting of the faculty member/inventor, and Entrepreneurial lead, and a Business Mentor participate in multi-week, peer-based cohorts to explore and refine their value proposition and other strategic management elements.

Typically a postdoctoral researcher, graduate student, or other student, that possesses relevant technical knowledge and a deep commitment to investigate the commercial landscape surrounding the innovation. Generally, this investigation requires, predominantly, primary data collection through interviews and supplemental data materials collected via other sources. Additionally, the entrepreneurial lead should be capable of disseminating this information to the instructor, TA and participants each week in the form of a presentation. This position could be compensated.

  • Must have a sufficient understanding of the assigned technology and the target market.
  • Must have proficient communication skills.
  • Must have the ability to freely travel if necessary.
  • Must be able to allocate 25-35 hours a week (during business hours) to the cohort if an individual EL.
  • Must be able to allocate 10-15 hours a week (during business hours) to cohort if working as a co-EL.
  • Must be willing to take direction.

The BM brings entrepreneurial experience and serves as the principal guide in determining the technology’s disposition to the market need. The BM also provides warm leads to the team for customer validation interviews, which is a critical component of the Lean Canvas Cohort.

  • Must have a comprehensive understanding of the assigned technology and how it could integrate into a market.
  • Must have access to a large number of potential contacts within the technology’s industry or target market.
  • Must be able to aid in translating feedback received in [customer] interviews into actionable goals/technical pivots.
  • Must be able to allocate 3-6 hours a week to the cohort.

The principal investigator (PI) is typically the inventor of the technology and serves as the technical lead or expert. He or she will be expected to make any necessary technical pivots with the technology. The PI is required to allocate 5 hours a week to the cohort.

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