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  1. Ascender Grant Program
  2. Other grant opportunities from the U
  3. Corporate Grant Funding Opportunities
    • Johnson & Johnson-Immunology Innovations QuickFire Challenge: Precision Medicine in Immune-Mediated Disease - Amount: Up to $500,000 Deadline: 1/14/2022
        • Specific disease areas of focus for this challenge include gastroenterology, rheumatology, dermatology, fetal-maternal diseases, autoantibody-mediated diseases, and other immune-mediated diseases where a stratified approach has the potential to be transformational for patients.
        • Innovators with transformative potential solutions to help or aim to advance precision medicine approaches in immune-mediated diseases are invited to apply. This may include:
        • Novel approaches toward patient stratification and precision medicine that can be harnessed in immune-mediated diseases including:
        • Multidimensional biomarker discovery platforms, including those with AI/ML based analytics
        • Deep patient clinical and molecular phenotyping data sets
        • Novel biomarkers for patient segmentation including digital and imaging biomarkers
        • Novel therapies with clear precision medicine strategy to address a defined patient segment
        • Enabling technologies for clinical trials:
        • Potential solutions aiming to identify and recruit specific patient sub-populations
        • Potential solutions aiming to resolve technical issues associated with large scale PBMC collection and preparation for multiomics analysis
        • High dimensional blood immune profiling platforms (e.g., cellular, autoantibodies, complement, proteomics, exosomes, mass spec)
        • Tissue based single cell RNA sequencing
  4. State and Federal sources


  1. University of Utah 1850 Fund PIVOT Center manages investments in companies spun out of the U through its 1850 Fund. The Fund seeks to invest in promising U of U companies from pre-seed through later rounds of investment, with a preference for investing at startup and alongside top-tier investors in subsequent rounds. The Innovation Fund does not lead investments, but seeks to syndicate with experienced investors. The amounts of investment will vary based on industry and the stage of each potential investment opportunity. For U of U spinouts to learn more about the fund, please contact
  2. Other investment funds from the U
  3. Other sources - This is an ever-growing list of opportunities, so check back often.

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