Studies show that early mobility for patients in intensive and acute care units (ICU) results in fewer days on mechanical ventilation and shorter ICU and overall hospital stays. Typically, patients in these units are profoundly injured and cannot travel to rehabilitation rooms, meaning therapy has to occur at the patient’s bedside. These space constraints often delay treatment until patient health improves.

Portable and Expandable Pre-Gait Parallel Bars offer clinicians and their patients a safe, adjustable, and space-saving means of implementing early mobility therapy. The bars provide a stable frame for basic functions, such as weight shifting and stepping strategies that are essential to early mobility. The stability and design of these bars allow therapists to sit in front of the patient and assist at the foot, knee, or hips without worrying about patients falling. The device has a small form factor and is built from lightweight, industrial grade materials to ensure safety and portability. This new set of expandable parallel bars with adjustable height and width allows physical therapists to engage patients at their bedside, eliminating a barrier to early mobility.