Conventional lithium-ion batteries provide satisfactory performance, but using liquid electrolyte creates the potential for solvent leakage and flammability hazard which has created safety and reliability concerns. Use of a solid polymer electrolyte would improve safety, but solid electrolytes often do not meet performance requirements due to low ionic conductivity at lower temperature.

These new Lithium-ion batteries utilize high performance nanocomposite solid polymer electrolytes (SPE) to improve safety and reliability. This new solid polymer electrolyte integrates low cost nanocomposite additives to allow high ionic conductivity at low temperatures, increased stability, and is pliable & moldable. Very positive test results have been obtained with the new SPE for use in lithium-sulfur, lithium-silicon, and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The new batteries can be used for energy storage, electric vehicles, portable electronics devices, sensors, and other applications.