Resolution Applications

Resolution Applications was formed in early 2013 to license the Faculty Activity Reporting Suite (FAR Suite) application from the University of Utah. Resolution Applications has been actively commercializing the product and is seeking pilot partners to help develop additional functionality and expand the product base. The FAR Suite has been in use at the University of Utah for over 4 years, for approximately 1,300+ faculty distributed across 17 colleges over a hundred departments, and was specifically designed to address the needs of administrators by consolidating all faculty data into one repository, then leveraging that data in a variety of applications, including the Faculty Activity Report, Faculty Profiles, Find a Researcher, Self Service, and Reports. Resolution Applications is solely focused on providing solutions to simplify the collection, management, and use of faculty data for Higher Education. The FAR Suite has been very successful and was designed from inception to be intuitive and easy to use. It is also the only Faculty Activity product that delivers flexible configuration at the college and department level.